Thursday, December 6, 2007

Day 1 of Sweet Potato Puree

Today is the first day I am giving my boy sweet potato puree. The other time when we went to supermarket, it is so hard to get the right sweet potato. For you information, please do not get the Japanese sweet potato or sweet potato with the white flesh. These sweet potatoes are hardly sweet at all. You either get the orange or purple flesh sweet potato. I cannot find any orange flesh sweet potato so I decided to let my boy tried the purple flesh sweet potato.

I wash the skin of the sweet potato and steam the sweet potato together with the skin for about 15 minutes. Once done, I scoop up the flesh and grind/blender it to give a smooth puree texture. I added breastmilk to the puree to make it thinner.

Schedule for Today:
Morning: Breastmilk
Noon: Sweet potato with breastmilk, continue with breastmilk
Afternoon and night: Breastmilk

Allergy Reaction:
No allergy reaction observed.

Texture of Food:
Same as previously.

Amount of Food:
The amount of food is 2 tablespoons of sweet potato and breastmilk.

Baby reaction:
He looks kind of funny with all the purple sweet potato puree all over his mouth. After a little awhile he is able to accept the taste. The purple sweet potato taste much better than how it looks.

6 months